La Grange Overdrive & Boost

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  • True bypass 
  • Independent boost with level adjust
  • Master Controls: Gain, Volume, Tone and Channel Blend
  • Channel Blend simulates the two channels of a 4 input 67-69 plexi amplifier.  Turn all the way left at "100%" for the brighter channel “T” only, turn all the way right at “100%” for the normal channel “B” only.   Place the knob in the middle at "50/50” for a equal mix of both channels.  The "50/50" position has the same effect as jumping the two channels of your British amplifier with a cable. Ultimately the Ch. blend lets you mix the two channel at any ratio you like.
  • Variac On/Off switch:  adds a “dropped voltage” dynamic compression to the feel and sound for that illusive Brown sound
  • Gain  Switch: Low, Medium and High gain levels
  • Presence Switch: "h" is high, for a more open and bright tone.  "L" is low for a more rounder tone with milder high frequencies
  • Structure Switch: The smaller black dot refers to a tight and focused gain structure.  The open circle delivers a loose and fat gain structure.  The solid large black dot refers to a gain structure in between the other two extremes.
  • Jacks: input, output and exp. The expression pedal input lets you connect the output of a  volume pedal which can control the gain of the LaGrange. 
  • Low Battery Indicator: LEDs blink when battery voltage drops below critical threshold. 


Reinhold's LaGrange pedal is designed to emulate the famous "plexi" amplifier tones, which every legendary guitarist has played at one time or another.  The LaGrange features a wide variety of tone shaping tools including switches for gain, variac, presence and structure.  Knobs include volume, gain, tone and a channel blend which simulates the two channels of a 4 input 67-69 plexi amplifier.   Unlike the Ecstasy red and blue pedals, the La Grange offers an independent boost with level adjust and an expression pedal input which lets you connect the output of a  volume pedal to control the gain of the LaGrange.

Reinhold designed the La Grange pedal with an op-amp input, followed by five discrete Class A gain stages and incorporated Germanium diode clipping. This approach minimizes the input noise floor while retaining touch sensitivity and clarity even at higher gain levels.

The La Grange is powered by a standard 9V battery or 9V power supply.  Reinhold’s advanced circuitry internally elevates the voltage a substantially higher level providing a greater dynamic range. 

Premium components include:  Double sided gold plated circuit boards, German WIMA capacitors, Japanese Nichicon capacitors and gold plated relays, Carling switches and more

Power: 9 volt DC negative tip power connector or internal 9v battery. Unit is designed for 9 volt DC power supply only.

Low Battery 

Indicator: When the battery voltage drops below a usable threshold, all LEDs will start blinking and soon after, the pedal will automatically switch to bypass mode. Immediately replace the battery when this blinking occurs. This low battery voltage indicator utilizes a digital circuit but carries no audio signal. Bogner pedals utilize a 100% pure analog circuit for all audio signals. 

Video Review: La Grange Overdrive & Boost


Brand Bogner Amplification
Weight (kg) 0.51 kg
Width (cm) 13.3
Length (cm) 9.5
Height (cm) 6.3
Battery Yes
Expression No
Jacks position on top Yes
Switching presets No
Power Supply 9 Volt
Tap tempo No
Bypass True bypass
Digital or Analog Analog
Best For Electric Guitars

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