Darkglass Electronics

Darkglass Electronics is a famous brand known for producing durable and high-quality guitar pedals and effects that offer exceptional sound quality. Pedalzoo provides a wide range of Darkglass Electronics products, including distortion, preamp, compressor, and EQ pedals at affordable prices and fast shipping.


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NSG NoisegateNSG Noisegate
Microtubes B7K Ultra 2 W/Aux inputMicrotubes B7K Ultra 2 W/Aux input
Element Cabsim & Headphone Amp W/BluetoothElement Cabsim & Headphone Amp W/Bluetooth
Microtubes B1K CMOS Bass OverdriveMicrotubes B1K CMOS Bass Overdrive
Microtubes X7 Multiband Bass DistortionMicrotubes X7 Multiband Bass Distortion
Hyper Luminal Hybrid CompressorHyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor
Microtubes B3K 2.0 CMOS Bass OverdriveMicrotubes B3K 2.0 CMOS Bass Overdrive
Microtubes X Multiband Bass DistortionMicrotubes X Multiband Bass Distortion

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