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3 Series Flanger3 Series Flanger
JHS Pedals 3 Series Flanger
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3 Series Phaser3 Series Phaser
JHS Pedals 3 Series Phaser
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Aurelius Tri-Voice ChorusAurelius Tri-Voice Chorus
Bad Stone Phase ShifterBad Stone Phase Shifter
Disturbance Extreme Filter, Flanger and PhaserDisturbance Extreme Filter, Flanger and Phaser
Grand Orbiter V3 Phase MachineGrand Orbiter V3 Phase Machine
H90 Harmonizer Multi-Effects Inspiration EngineH90 Harmonizer Multi-Effects Inspiration Engine
ModFactor Modulation & ChorusModFactor Modulation & Chorus
Eventide ModFactor Modulation & Chorus
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Ripply Fall Bass Chorus & PhaserRipply Fall Bass Chorus & Phaser
Ripply Fall Chorus & Vibrato & PhaserRipply Fall Chorus & Vibrato & Phaser
Space BenderSpace Bender
Death by Audio Space Bender
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