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Avalanche Run V2 Stereo Reverb & DelayAvalanche Run V2 Stereo Reverb & Delay
Aurelius Tri-Voice ChorusAurelius Tri-Voice Chorus
EarthQuaker Devices Aurelius Tri-Voice Chorus
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Acapulco Gold V2 Power Amp DistortionAcapulco Gold V2 Power Amp Distortion
Aqueduct VibratoAqueduct Vibrato
Arrows V2 Preamp BoosterArrows V2 Preamp Booster
Bit Commander V2 Analog Octave SynthBit Commander V2 Analog Octave Synth
Depths V2Depths V2
EarthQuaker Devices Depths V2
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Dispatch Master V3 Digital Delay & ReverbDispatch Master V3 Digital Delay & Reverb
Ghost Echo V3 Vintage Voiced ReverbGhost Echo V3 Vintage Voiced Reverb
Grand Orbiter V3 Phase MachineGrand Orbiter V3 Phase Machine
Hizumitas Fuzz SustainarHizumitas Fuzz Sustainar
Hoof Reaper V2 Double Fuzz with Octave UpHoof Reaper V2 Double Fuzz with Octave Up
Hoof V2 Hybrid FuzzHoof V2 Hybrid Fuzz
Hummingbird V4 Repeat PercussionsHummingbird V4 Repeat Percussions
Night Vire V2 Harmonic TremoloNight Vire V2 Harmonic Tremolo
Organizer V2 Polyphonic Organ EmulatorOrganizer V2 Polyphonic Organ Emulator
Park Fuzz Vintage Fuzz TonePark Fuzz Vintage Fuzz Tone
Plumes Small Signal ShredderPlumes Small Signal Shredder
EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Small Signal Shredder
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Rainbow Machine V2 Polyphonic Pitch MesmerizerRainbow Machine V2 Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer
Afterneath Reverb Eurorack ModuleAfterneath Reverb Eurorack Module
Sea Machine V3 Super ChorusSea Machine V3 Super Chorus
Special Cranker V1 An Overdrive You Can TrustSpecial Cranker V1 An Overdrive You Can Trust
Sunn O))) Life Pedal V3Sunn O))) Life Pedal V3
Sunn O))) Life Pedal V3 Limited Edition WhiteSunn O))) Life Pedal V3 Limited Edition White
Swiss Things Pedalboard ReconcilerSwiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler
Tentacle V2 Analog Octave UpTentacle V2 Analog Octave Up
Tone Job V2 EQ & BoostTone Job V2 EQ & Boost
Warden V2 Optical CompressorWarden V2 Optical Compressor
Westwood Translucent Drive ManipulatorWestwood Translucent Drive Manipulator
Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation MachineLedges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine

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