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Designed for vocals, the Echo Master is a lo-fi, analog tape-style delay unit that can transform your voice into a chaotic realm of noise and feedback. The effects loop allows additional effects to be placed in the signal chain, making it easy to use with any of your favorite effects pedals on your vocal sound without any adapters.

The Echo Master is not just a delay unit, however. It utilizes matched Bourns transformers on the input to create a vibrant-sounding and feedback-minimizing preamp to bring you phenomenal vocal quality before you even hit the PA. Your sound engineer will hate you because you'll sound better than ever without their help. Top it off with high-quality Neutrik XLR jacks and the Echo Master is the ultimate tool for taking total control of the sound of your voice.


Time: Controls the delay time, with numbers labeled in milliseconds. In the Red Zone, the delay chip is pushed to the extreme. The signal decreases in fidelity as the time increases.

F-Back: Controls the number of repeats in the delay circuit, anywhere from one to an infinite to a wall of oscillation.

Mix: Controls the level of the delayed channel in comparison to the dry signal, from fully dry to an equal mix.

Send/Receive: Plug out of the Send jack into any additional effects, then back into the Return jack to introduce new sounds into your vocals. This loop is before the delay line, allowing you to affect your dry vocals as well as the delay generated by the Echo Master.


Dimensions: 6.09" x 3.45" x 2.75" (including hardware).

Weight: 16oz. (w/ Alternate Back Plate 30oz.)

Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter).

Current Draw: 25 mA.

*Alternate Backplate: The Echo Master can also be purchased with a backplate that mounts to your mic stand. Puts the pedal within hands reach to maximize live performance tweak-ability. This recently upgraded V3, comes with a handgrip screw for more torque (although it resembles the V1, this is a much sturdier model). **Please note- cords, microphone, and stand are not included.

Video Review: Echo Master


Brand Death by Audio
Weight (kg) 0.85 kg
Width (cm) 8.2
Length (cm) 15.2
Height (cm) 6.7
Battery No
Expression No
Jacks position on top Yes
Switching presets No
Power Supply 9 Volt
Tap tempo No
Bypass True bypass
Digital or Analog Digital
Current Draw, mA 25
Best For Electric Guitars

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Customer Reviews

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Nico Zippo
Good replacement for Roland Space Echo

The pedal is an excellent replacement for a Roland Space Echo as the tapes get harder to find. Although if you want a crystal clear delay, get a digital delay. On my behalf, I wanted especially the slowing or acceleration of echo loops, hence its perfect, and especially with that dirty little preamp thing.

Mike Pankratev

This is really good at mics to create a really dark and moving atmosphere