Dyna-ssoR Comressor & Sustainer

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Whether you are after the squashing power of a dinosaur, capable of that vintage thumpy attack and endless sustain, or you just want to musically tame your dynamic range, the NOS CA3080 chip equipped Dyna- ssoR will effortlessly nail it for you.

We are committed to creating well tuned circuits that allow our designs to feature the minimum number of straight-forward and responsive controls and sound great no matter how you dial them in. The Dyna-ssoR is a great testament to exactly this effort!

It makes everything sound like “more”!

Video Review: Dyna-ssoR Comressor & Sustainer


Brand JAM Pedals
Weight (kg) 0.25 kg
Width (cm) 6.0
Length (cm) 11.0
Height (cm) 4.8
Battery Yes
Expression No
Jacks position on top No
Switching presets No
Power Supply 9 Volt
Tap tempo No
Bypass True bypass
Digital or Analog Analog
Current Draw, mA 5
Best For Electric Guitars

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