LPB-3 Linear Power Booster & EQ


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Active EQ for precision tone sculpting

Parametric MIDS section cuts through any mix

Up to 33dB of boosting power

High voltage rails, extended headroom

Inspired by the effect that launched Electro-Harmonix in 1968, the LPB-1

Selectable Buffered/True Bypass


The effect that launched Electro-Harmonix gets a makeover with the Electro-Harmonix LPB-3 Linear Power Booster & EQ. With an active EQ featuring a powerful Parametric Mids control and up to a walloping 33dB of boost, the LPB-3 is the perfect tool for any tone tailoring task. Boost your sound into saturated bliss with transformative precision like never before.

Housed in EHX’s Nano-sized chassis, the LPB-3 is capable of boosting up to +33dB of clean gain with the powerful tone shaping of a 3-band EQ with parametric Mids. The active 3-Band EQ features TREBLE and BASS knobs to control the highs and lows plus a powerful parametric Mids control with adjustable MID FREQ and Q. BOOST sets the overall output of the pedal with the MAX switch toggling between 20dB and 33dB of maximum boost. Use the PRE-GAIN knob to fine-tune the total gain and volume of the boost.

This booster pedal’s additional features include selectable Buffered/True Bypass switching and internally extended 30V power rails for enhanced headroom.

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Brand Electro-Harmonix
Weight (kg) 0.635 kg
Width (cm) 7.0
Length (cm) 11.4
Height (cm) 5.3
Battery No
Expression No
Jacks position on top No
Switching presets No
Power Supply 9VDC (power adapater included)
Tap tempo No
Bypass Selectable Buffered / True Bypass
Digital or Analog Analog
Current Draw, mA 120
Input Impedance, kΩ 1000
Output Impedance, Ω 660
Best For Electric Guitars

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