GP-100 Multi-Effects Processor


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About This Item

● 24-bit 44.1kHz signal processing

● Advanced digital modeling technology delivers organic tone

● Over 140 high quality effects

● Editable effect chain

● 45 legendary guitar/bass/acoustic amp types

● 40 factory IR cabinets

● Supports storing 20 user IRs

● 50+ dynamic/drive/EQ/mod/delay/reverb effects

● USB audio interface function with stereo audio streaming

● Stompbox and preset modes for different situations

● 198 presets (99 factory, 99 user)

● High quality looper

● 100 high quality drum patterns

● Durable metal chassis and footswitches

● Built-in chromatic tuner

● Intuitive PC/Mac editor

● 1/4" stereo outputs

● 1/8" headphone output

● Stereo 1/8" Aux Input

● Built-in expression pedal

● DC 9V power supply


Get an Amazing Tone Powerhouse Without Breaking the Bank

The GP-100 is an affordable compact multi-effects processor that delivers you quality tone and powerful functions for both entry-level players and advanced musicians.

This user-friendly tone machine will lead you to legendary rock 'n' roll territory.

  • Full metal rock solid chassis ready for wear and tear
  • Portable sized casing for taking anywhere
  • Straight forward UI, user-friendly operation

Rock legends in a box

Inside the GP-100 we loaded our powerful HD digital modeling system, delivering you organic living tone and over 140 effect selections including 45 legendary guitar/bass/acoustic amp simulations, 40 highquality factory cab IRs, and more. We also offer you 198 presets (99user + 99 factory) fine tuned by skilled professional musicians for playing any music genre you like.

An armory of legendary amps and cabs

3rd party IR support - recreate your favorite cab tones

GP-100 offers you 20 user IR storage slots. Customize your own tone now!

Build your own signal chain like building a real pedalboard

Tune up your loop phrases expanding your inspiration

GP-100 features a pre-effects looper, which means, when you change effects/patches, the loop tone changes too. This is very convenient for modifying your loop phrases and take your inspiration to the next level.

Record and share your ideas

You can turn your GP-100 into an USB audio interface by simply connecting your unit to a computer/mobile phone (for mobile devices, a USB OTG cable is needed). Then you can record, mix and share your songs whenever you want. We also offer you a free ASIO driver for Windows users.

Like jamming with a real band

Use the built-in looper, drum machine and aux input to play with your own tracks. The looper features max. 90 seconds looping time, and the drum machine gives you 100 different patterns (incl. metronomes).

Two footswitch modes

Use the two different footswitch modes you like in different playing scenarios.

Video Review: GP-100 Multi-Effects Processor


Brand Valeton
Weight (kg) 1.2 kg
Width (cm) 19.8
Length (cm) 13.4
Height (cm) 2.8
Battery No
Expression Yes
Jacks position on top Yes
Switching presets Yes
Power Supply 9 Volt
Tap tempo Yes
Digital or Analog Digital
Current Draw, mA 500
Input Impedance, kΩ 1000
Output Impedance, Ω 1000
Best For Electric Guitars
Acoustic Guitars
Bass Guitars
Other Instruments

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