Hotone Ampero II Stage MP-380 + Ampero II Press SP-35 Volume/Expression Pedal Bundle

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✪ This is a bundle of Hotone Ampero II Stage MP-380 Guitar FX Processor and Ampero II Press SP-35 Volume/Expression Pedal. Save with Pedalzoo bundles!

✪ Second Generation amp modeler & effects processor with stage-friendly features 

✪ Ampero II's iconic tri-core DSP platform and ESS® Sabre® AD/DAs providing musical, lively Ampero sound 

✪ Evolved CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling system ensures high end tonal expressiveness and realistic playing experience 

✪ 24-bit signal processing, up to 127dB dynamic range*  

✪ A larger, sharper 5-inch dynamic touchscreen and newly designed system UI for smoother, more intuitive, and more convenient interaction 

✪ Highly customizable DUAL effect chain with multiple serial/parallel signal routing support 

✪ Add ANY effect module you like to the effect chain 

✪ Stereo I/O jacks and stereo FX Loop jacks for further routing/tonal possibilities 

✪ Input R with built-in mic preamp and phantom power for adapting both dynamic/condenser microphones 

✪ Up to 12 simultaneous effect modules 

✪ Upgraded effects library delivers 460+ effects, including Hotone's next-gen higher-quality algorithms 

✪ CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling effects including:

    - 90+ amp models  

    - 68 cab models 

    - A more precise cabinet-mic algorithm based on realistic studio recording data 

    - Independent preamp models 

    - Independent power amp simulation 

    - 100+ legendary pedal models 

✪ 60+ Hotone original effects (incl. high quality drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models and more) 

✪ Dedicated IR loader module with 3rd party IR support, up to 50 custom IR slots 

✪ 20 classic Celestion® speaker IRs included - Powered by Celestion® Digital 

✪ Supports up to 2048 IR sampling points for better tonal resolution 

✪ Bluetooth® 4.2 dual-mode module for audio playback and remote control via iOS/Android app; supports Bluetooth® MIDI 

✪ Free Win/Mac/Android/iOS software for firmware upgrading, loading/editing/managing effects/IRs, etc. 

✪ 8-in, 8-out USB audio interface with 44.1 to 192kHz sample rate switching, supports Reamp function 

✪ Built-in acoustic effects and presets 

✪ 300 presets (60 banks x 5 patches) 

✪ Built-in stereo looper with max. 60 seconds recording time and undo/redo function 

✪ 5 different input modes with electric guitar/acoustic guitar/mic/line input support 

✪ Independent BAL/UNBAL/Phones output processing for independent output volume control or different signal outputs 

✪ 8 assignable footswitches with multicolor halo LEDs, with two working modes and customization support 

✪ Scene function providing 5 scenes in a patch – switch effect on/off and different parameters with no latency 

✪ Built-in multi-function color LED strip lights 

✪ Customizable main display modes and theme colors 

✪ Authentic stereo processing 

✪ MIDI I/O jacks and dual EXP/CTRL jacks for expanded controls 

✪ Constant firmware updates based on user feedback 

✪ Future new features available (e.g. Wi-Fi) 

✪ Road-ready, light-weight aluminum casing 

✪ 9-18V DC power supply 


This is a bundle of Hotone Ampero II Stage MP-380 Guitar FX Processor and Ampero II Press SP-35 Volume/Expression Pedal. Save with Pedalzoo bundles!

Unlock full potential of the Ampero Stage with this 2-in-1 Volume and Expression pedal! Dive into over two dozen onboard wahs, pitch shifters, and filters and master the volume swells. Gain precise control over effects parameters like delay length and tremolo speed, ensuring your performance is as dynamic and expressive as you are. Get ready to have fun and take your music to the next level!

Ampero II Stage, the latest gem in the Ampero series, is here to revolutionize your live performances. With its cutting-edge triple-core digital platform and premium ESS® Sabre® series independent AD/DA converters, Ampero II Stage delivers unparalleled sonic excellence. Whether you're rocking a massive music festival stage or a cozy livehouse venue, Ampero II Stage is your ticket to an unforgettable sonic journey. Crafted specifically for stage performances, it empowers you to shine with its eight footswitches, intuitive operation logic, and a fresh UI design. With the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and atmospheric LED indicators, Ampero II Stage is your ultimate stage companion. Ampero II Stage offers two versatile operating modes – PATCH and STOMP, each with its dedicated mode indicator and one mode-switching footswitch. In STOMP mode, customize the remaining seven footswitches to control individual or multiple modules, giving you total creative freedom. Both modes offer different display options to match your preferences, making it a seamless part of your workflow. Hotone introduced a brand-new "Scene" feature, delivering smooth sound transitions. Each Ampero II Stage patch can hold up to five scenes, allowing you to effortlessly switch effects and parameters during different sections of your songs. Transition from chorus to verse with finesse. Ampero II Stage offers a stereo input, with the right channel featuring a Combo input that supports both line and mic inputs. It provides 48V phantom power and up to 52dB of gain, accommodating dynamic and condenser microphones. With five distinct input modes, it's suitable for guitars, basses, synthesizers, and vocals. Whether you're a guitarist or a vocalist, Ampero II Stage is your perfect partner. Ampero II Stage offers multiple interfaces tailored for the stage. Onboard balanced/unbalanced stereo outputs support independent signal processing and volume control, so you can run two separate effect chains for PA systems and stage monitors. The dual TRS EXP/CTRL expansion jacks make connecting external control devices like Ampero II Press a breeze. Drawing from Hotone's experience and user feedback, Ampero II Stage boasts a fresh UI design combined with a spacious 5-inch dynamic color touchscreen. It offers a highly intuitive and smartphone-like interaction, ensuring seamless control and configuration. Ampero II Stage includes dedicated Win/Mac/iOS/Android software with access to the new Hotone community. Share your patches effortlessly and download others' patches with a single click, connecting with fellow users and collaborating artists. With 8x8 USB audio functionality and variable sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, Ampero II Stage is a versatile recording and streaming solution. Besides, it supports recordable Bluetooth audio inputs, making it perfect for streaming. Connect your phone via an OTG cable and you're ready for online streaming alongside your backing tracks. Outstanding stage performance requires continuous practice. Ampero II Stage is your ideal bedroom practice partner, featuring stereo phrase looping, 60-second stereo recording, undo/redo, half-speed playback, and reverse playback. It offers 100 drum rhythm styles to suit various music genres. Ampero II Stage boasts a highly flexible dual effect chain design that supports multiple forms of effect chaining – series and parallel. Create your sound by combining modules and effects as freely as single stompboxes. Ampero II Stage can handle up to 12 effects modules simultaneously, whether they're identical or mixed. Ampero II Stage supports up to 2048 sampling points, twice as many as its predecessor, for precise sound reproduction of captured IR sources and acoustic environments. With 20 Celestion® authorized classic speaker cabinet IRs and 50 user IR slots, your tone will soar to new heights. Ampero II Stage adopts the latest triple-core digital platform and ESS® Sabre®...


Brand Hotone
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