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Tuner Press—Just 3 in 1? Not enough

Tuner Press follows the renowned Ampero Press pedal, displaying the Expression/Volume pedal form, and further implements achromatic tuner, presenting a versatile yet practical pedal form. Like the Ampero Press, the Tuner version maintains the same compact size, freeing up space for your pedalboard and saving precious time when performing. Moreover, there is a built-in switchable buffer cuicruit and switchable input impedance switch to meet your different usage scenarios. It provides two tuning modes for now: Chromatic and Strobe, with reference frequencies of 430Hz~450Hz to choose from.


The tuner dispay buit on High-definition LCD Screen provides you with a more concise, accurate and fast tuning experience. All you need to do is lift the volume pedal all the way up to automatically enter the mute tuning state. You can also switch to select different display modes to suit your preferences:

T+S — Tuner is only displayed when pedal is in the heel-down position, otherwise the screen will go blank

T— Tuner always shows regardless of the pedal state

T+P— Tuner is only displayed when pedal is in the heel-down position, otherwise pedal's (physical) travel value would be displayed in real-time

Use the footswitch to switch between the control of volume and expression, and lift the
pedal to tune your guitar (or bass). Your tone control and tuning operation have never been
this easy.

  • Volume/Expression/Tuner 3 in 1 pedal
  • Independent volume and expression output jacks
  • Provides Chromatic and Strobe tuning mode
  • High quality potentiometers ensure precise responce and long life
  • Tuning reference frequency can be selected: 430Hz~450Hz
  • Switchable high and low impedance to meet various scenarios
  • High-definition LCD screen with multiple display modes


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