Deci-Mate G Micro Noise Reduction Pedal

ISP Technologies

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Micro-sized G String with FX Loop Breakout Gainy amps and noisy pedals are no match for the hard clamping and smart gating found within ISP’s Deci-Mate G. This micro-sized adaptive gate manages to pack all the noise reduction of the full-sized ISP Decimator G String pedal, and then some, into its front-pocket format. It’s all powered by ISP’s latest Decimator X noise-reduction technology. Whether you’re creating deep swells or rapid-fire staccato riffs, the Deci-Mate G does its thing without chopping off notes. You can use this pedal inline as you would a traditional noise gate, or throw it in an amp’s FX loop to filter out all the noise generated by your pedalboard and preamp stage. An 1/8" to dual TS breakout pedal is included. The Deci-Mate G’s all-analog circuit ensures absolute transparency with no digital artifacts.

  • Superior Noise Tracking
  • Loop Connections Dual 1/4" TS Breakout Cable
  • Easily clean up your guitar rig
  • Does not chop off sustained notes
  • True bypass
  • All-analog circuit
  • Flawlessly tracks all sounds from rapid-fire staccato riffs to long sustained phrases

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Brand ISP Technologies
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