Decimator X G-String Noise Reduction Pedal

ISP Technologies

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This new patented technology is yet another improvement in adaptive dynamics, especially in what we call envelope tracking transparency. The new Decimator X technology provides the absolute smoothest tracking with incredible transparency, super-fast release with staccato notes and amazingly smooth release with long sustained notes. The best is now even better! Because the Decimator X patent has issued, we can bring this ultimate performance to the players.

The Decimator G String X from ISP Technologies uses patented Decimator X Technology to deliver advanced adaptive noise reduction, ensuring smooth transitions between fast staccato notes and long sustained tones while eliminating undesirable noise and modulation. This pedal tracks the signal directly from your guitar for seamless transitions from clean to high gain without adjusting the threshold, and it includes linking functionality for dual-channel or stereo setups. Ideal for both live performances and studio recordings, the Decimator G String X offers unparalleled transparency and smoothness in noise reduction.

Advanced adaptive release mechanism for seamless transitions between fast staccato notes and long sustained tones. Enhanced tracking directly from your guitar, allowing effortless switching from clean to high gain without adjusting the threshold. Linking functionality via 1/8" phone cord for dual-channel noise reduction or stereo setup.

Extreme Noise Reduction:
Say goodbye to unwanted noise and 60 cycle hum once and for all. The Decimator X pedals utilize cutting-edge patented circuitry to provide unparalleled noise reduction, effectively elimination even the most stubborn background noise without affecting your instruments’ natural tone.

Enhanced Adaptive Tracking Technology:
Experience lightning-fast response times and ultra-smooth decay with enhanced tracking technology. With the newest patented variable integration time window technology, whether playing staccato, with or without pauses or wanting a nice long decay, this technology allows for a natural sound. The X pedals allow for a transparent and natural decay that preserves the integrity of your tone, even during fast paced passages and intricate playing.

Versatile Routing Options:
Whether you’re running a complex pedalboard setup or keeping it simple, the X pedals offer versatile routing options to suit your needs. With flexible input and output configurations, you can easily integrate the pedals into any rig, ensuring maximum compatibility and convenience.

Built to Last:
Built like a tank, the X pedals are rugged and road-ready. Housed in a durable enclosure, the pedals are designed to withstand the demands of the gigging musician, providing reliable performance night and night.

Specifications: Pedal Type: Guitar Noise Reduction Analog/Digital: Digital Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (instrument) 1 x 1/4" (loop return) Outputs: 1 x 1/4" (main out) 1 x 1/4" (loop send) Other I/O: 2 x 1/8" (link in/out)

  • Noise reduction with smoothest tracking with incredible transparency
  • Loop connections for isolating affected pedals and more
  • Smooth release with long sustained notes and super-fast release with staccato notes
  • Seamless transitions from clean to high gain without adjusting the threshold
  • Linking functions for stereo or dual-channel setups


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