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The Mudhoney distortion was T-Rex's first shot at making a great, all-round distortion box. That´s how most owners have described it - it just plain works for a lot of different music styles and they haven´t found a similar sound in many other pedals. In fact, there´s  a story about a player that bought and sold six Mudhoney´s, before realizing that the pedals he replaced it with weren´t doing it for him, so he got the seventh one – and kept it.

The slightly aggressive and punchy sounding midrange paired up with a gain mode switch gives you great, natural rock grit – but with the ability to be almost fuzz-like on high gain settings. Conversely, on low gain settings, the sound is really cool for a nastier, growlier rhythm sound.

Still dressed in mellow-yellow, still sounding every bit as good as the old “yellow one”, we are proud to make the Mudhoney sound available to players again.

  • “The yellow one” - Raunchy-but-smooth distortion
  • True bypass
  • Reproduction of the original Mudhoney circuit
  • Selected parts match or surpass the old ones in quality/sound

Video Review: Mudhoney Distortion Danish Collection


Brand T-Rex
Weight (kg) 0.35 kg
Width (cm) 10.0
Length (cm) 12.0
Height (cm) 5.5
Battery Yes
Expression No
Jacks position on top Yes
Switching presets No
Power Supply 9 Volt
Tap tempo No
Bypass True bypass
Digital or Analog Analog
Current Draw, mA 6
Input Impedance, kΩ 1000
Output Impedance, Ω 1000
Best For Electric Guitars

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Customer Reviews

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Rambo Terminator

Yeah, this pedal's a winner. Got that good dirt that defecates delicious filth all over your Tinnitus-riddled ear drums. PedalZoo was good. Communication was excellent and the Mudhoney arrived fast. Though the box it came in seemed to have been left out in the rain? It had some light water damage, but the pedal itself was untouched.

Richard Wood
Articulate and widely adjustable

I recently bought the DK Mudhoney a few days ago. While I cannot report on the live gig setting for another week or so, I can say that ,from experience with other good quality OD/Distortion pedals, that this one will excel. Yes it can even get into fuzz territory, but can be very useful in lesser gain settings with quality sound. It makes even my clumsy solos come out clear sounding, and that's NOT easy! haa....
I know there are many choices out there but this is one of the better ones, regardless of it's modest price. Thanks to Mike at Pedal Zoo for the good and speedy service. Cheers, Rick Wood B.C. Canada

guojun zhang