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For T-style guitars that use classic dimensions bridge (71mm between the string holes to the top screw of the bridge pickup, see attached scheme).
Includes new patented saddle design.

Yes, we all know that adding some tremolo to your Telecaster would be great, but no one wants to put a precious TL through surgery, so we created the VT2ND (No Drill, No Holes) to make your dreams come true.

This premium accessory to replace the fixed bridge of your TL doesn’t require even the slightest hole or modification, because it is mounted using only the factory holes of your guitar. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So get ready to enjoy tons of new musical possibilities for your TL-Style while leaving every inch of its body intact. That means that you can reverse the process and leave the fantastic (and often expensive and valuable) original Telecaster body as it was made, with zero modifications and with all its market value intact, whenever you want.

This totally innovative creation, this quantum leap in pure VegaTrem style makes the seemingly impossible a reality. That’s why more and more players are signing up for this creative solution, a fully reversible tremolo, a VT2ND, only here you can rewind whenever you want.

If this isn’t your first VegaTrem, then you already know: the VT2ND will keep your guitar in tune as easily as ever, while taking your instrument even further with a wider, richer overtone sound and more sustain, whether you use vibrato or not. Additionally, your VT2ND is tension adjustable, allowing you to set it according to your playing style.

New saddles on the VT2ND

All guitarists know about the old (and sometimes bitter) disputes between supporters of opposing musical options, a fact that the wise Leo Fender was well aware of. Even his magnificent guitars are not exempt from the battlefield. The point of friction is well known: the Fender Telecaster‘s three saddles each support two strings, which improves the overall tone of the instrument (the approach of the classics’ camp). However, this design goes against the correct intonation of the guitar, which requires individual saddles for each string or, at least, compensated saddles (the option of the pragmatists’ camp).

At VegaTrem we have racked our brains to unite these two streams or ideas so that you all will be pleased and completely satisfied with your instrument. That’s why we have patented a totally new design in our Telecaster saddles, so our new saddles work in three pairs, but enjoy a totally independent movement to be able to adjust them to each of the six strings. This allows you to get the best of both worlds: an excellent overall tone for your guitar but without giving up a precise and perfect intonation, all while maintaining, of course, the classic aesthetics and materials (brass) of these bridges. Peace and Love.

  • Zero mofifications requiered
  • No Drill, No Holes
  • Replaces the fixed bridge of your Telecaster
  • Will keep your guitar in tune as easily as ever
  • Tension adjustable
  • Totally independent movement of saddles to be able to adjust them to each of the six strings
  • An action very pleasing to the musical performance totally free of unwanted noises


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